Sunday, 25 September 2016

Life updates

So the training blog has now been empty since July ... and it is September 25th ... my bad.

And I haven't updated this one or my articles in a while either! Poor from me. Explanation time ...

For those of you who know me or follow me on social you'll know that I've been working a lot. Firstly in between Reach and Esher, and then adding in Eastbourne College to that over the last month or so.
My training recently has been very inconsistent - before last week I had gone 3 weeks without doing ANY barbell movements whatsoever just because I had been so busy with work that my only exercise were 20 minute AMRAPs just to get something done.

This has now changed. I'm working a steady schedule with pretty much the same timetable week to week - so I should be able to train 5-6x a week, at the same times week to week. So I'm hoping for a big push on with my lifting.
I've been having those normal Rob Nitman training doubts in my head a little recently too not knowing how much my focus will be on weightlifting, if I want to do a bit more of this or that.
I am still committed to chasing weightlifting. I really enjoy it, it gives me something to focus on, and I think once I become more consistent with the movements, and my mobility improves, then the lifts will start moving upwards at a rate of knots.
I will however be adding in some additional work more for pleasure than anything else. I want to get back into bench press, just because I somehow have found myself missing it. So I will bench once a week, and I will also be adding in more upper body pulling; chins, pull ups, barbell rows, DB Rows etc, and some other things like pressing, dips, biceps and triceps etc along with some low level cardio to improve my work capacity and recovery between sessions.

Work wise I am now settled in with Esher Rugby and Eastbourne College. I have left Reach (again); this was a tough decision to make because I really enjoy working there, all the staff and clients are awesome and that is what I will miss the most - the environment I worked in.
But this new role at Eastbourne College is one that will hopefully turn into a career job rather than just a new role. Excited about what it could develop in to.
My role is Head of Strength and Conditioning, and within this role I am in charge of developing and delivering all the performance programming for essentially the whole school! We have year 9 through to year 13, so ages 13-18, and a whole range of sports including Rugby, Hockey, Cricket and all sorts of others.
So it's a big but exciting challenge and I'm really enjoying it.

So there we go - all up to date.
Keep up to date on all the social media and I'll update soon.

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